Whenever you are transferring from one place to another, you might decide to do all of the packing. However, do you want to really do the moving too?  

Moving Company

Well, if you really want to do it, here are some things you need to do. First, you would need to rent a truck if you don’t have any. You would also need some 2-wheeler handcarts and several pads to secure your things. Next, you will need to hire friends to help you and likely pay them.  

You might want to compare that to the price you’re going to pay if you hire Chesterfield moving company.  

However, just like any businesses, the moving industry still has dishonest companies. These companies will offer you a low price to take the work, and then ask you a bigger price before they would unload your stuff. Do not employ a moving company without knowing them properly. 

Examine the firm with the American Moving and Storage Association. This association has “ProMover” certification program. You should be aware of any firms that don’t have any certification of “ProMover”. 

Ask for the United States Department of Transportation registration number of the company. Then, you could search the complaint history of a mover that is registered federally at https://protectyourmove.gov. 

If you do not know what services the firm is giving at what price, you might have a bad experience even when you are hiring an honest and legit moving company. Before hiring a moving company, here are some questions you need to ask: 


Ask for the terms of insurance for your move. Typically, you would buy an insurance option for items lost or damaged in transport. Ask if the insurance will cover the complete value of your stuff.  


Ask if the quote they have given you is only an estimate or if it is a fix quote. 


Ask for hidden fees. Oftentimes, moving firms work from a tariff. This registers items for which you can be charged, like if there are involved stairs. 


Ask the company how long have they been in the moving industry. The longer they are in business, the better. 


Ask if the moving crew is hired by the firm, casual workers, or temporary hires. 

Also, ask for the copy of the valuation coverage, liability insurance, and bill of lading policy of the mover. All movers should accept liability for the goods’ value they transport.  “Released Value” is a choice that will cost you nothing. However, it only offers minimal security, requiring the company to cover any damages at $.60 per pound, per article.  

Ask for the timetable for conducting the move. This should include the packing and date of arrival. Ask the company if they conduct the work or move as a household goods broker. Keep in mind that a broker cannot represent himself as a mover, does not have trucks and normally has zero power to offer a quote on behalf of the certain mover.