What You Should Know About Towing 

While you think that you won’t ever need towing, think again. Those who think that way are the ones who will get frustrated the most when major road mishaps come along. It’s important for everyone to know that there’s nothing simple about the towing process. There are certain procedures that have to be followed to a tee to ensure that everything is done right. The reason why things seem easy is the fact that experienced professionals are handling the job.  


And that alone is the reason why you should research more about the towing companies that serve your area. It’s not good practice to look for towing service providers only when the need for it arises. Save yourself from the frustration and panic. It’s easier to make good decisions if you have a few aces up your sleeves.  

Understanding the Towing Process  

The towing process is not as simple as asking for a tow car to come to your location, put a clamp to your car, and drag it all the way to a garage. While that’s what’s going to happen, the whole towing process isn’t as unceremoniously as that. For one, the towing company has certain legal and safety obligations to consider.  

The process in which vehicles have to be towed due to a road mishap is different from the processes followed for towing illegally parked vehicles. So don’t think that all towing processes are the same. It’s different every time and even the size and weight of your vehicle can affect the processes involved.  

What’s true across all towing cases, however, is how the name of the owner, the vehicle’s plate number, and the vehicle type, color, and accessories should be duly noted before towing it. A short description of the car’s condition before it was towed should also be indicated in the paperwork. This is necessary for the car owner’s protection as any other damage or any loss will be shouldered by the towing company. 

Towing Charges and Fees  

If you call a towing company to help you out, it’s a given that you’ll have to pay for their services. The rates of towing companies are different from each other. Some companies charge a flat-rate fee for a specific radius and then charge per mile after that. To know how much you’re going to pay for the service, request an estimate and specifically ask how the towing company charges.  

When it comes to fees and charges, the cost of towing light vehicles is lesser than medium-sized vehicles. It follows that heavy vehicles are the ones most expensive to tow. Again, it is important for you to determine the range of weight the towing company considers as a light, medium-sized, or heavy vehicle.  

How to Choose Tow Trucks 

Aside from the weight and size of your vehicle, the other factor that can affect the procedure and cost of towing is the type of truck used. There are flatbed tow trucks that usually charge more than the traditional towing trucks. Usually, car owners may decide as to what type of tow truck will be used or the car.