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CHRISTIAN:  It’s Not What you Think

Christian1 Christian. Ask 10 people to define it and you’ll get 10 different answers. One reason people have such difficulty defining what a Christian should be is that the Bible never gives a definition. The words used to describe Christians today often bear no resemblance to what Jesus wanted his followers to be known for. For those outside the church, they actually  have the luxury of hearing the broken gears in the machine.We encourage you to listen with an open heart and realize why our influence in our culture is failing, as we explore the truth and fiction behind one of the most famous brands in all of history.

April 5 – Brand Recognition   mp3 | ppt

April 12 – Quitters   mp3 | ppt



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Good News About Grace

Good_News_About_Grace_1b  The American way of life teaches us that you get what you earn in life, that there is no free lunch, that you make your own bed and then you lay in it. We are well aware of the values of competition and winning, and we know what it means to work hard and use elbow grease. This is called the American work ethic. The problem for many of us is that God doesn’t operate this way, making it difficult for us to relate to God because we’re conditioned by this work-driven mentality…


February 15 – Good News About Grace   mp3 | ppt

February 22 – The Story of Grace   mp3

March 15 – Liberating Grace   mp3 | ppt

March 22 – Transforming Grace  mp3 | ppt

March 29 – Restoring Grace   mp3



 grThey’re everywhere, but they don’t really get much attention…until somebody hits one. And then, more often than not, it’s a lifesaver. Ever wonder what it would be like to have guardrails in other areas of your life-areas where culture baits you to the edge of disaster and then chastises you when you step across the line? Your friendships. Your finances. Your marriage. Maybe your greatest regret could have been avoided if you had established guardrails.

January 18 – Proverbs 13:20     (no recording)

January 25 – I Corinthians 6:19    Run Baby Run    mp3 | ppt

February 1 – Matthew 6:24  Consumption Assumption  mp3 | ppt

February 8 – Daniel1:5-19   Once and For All   mp3 | ppt



James_web_post The book of James is undoubtedly one of the most  direct and straightforward books of the Bible.  A favorite to many, it holds a great deal of depth and practicality for the committed follower of Jesus.  The first letter to the Christians scattered throughout the Roman empire, James speaks to the heart of those facing trials, temptations and difficulty.

July 27  – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (1)   mp3 | ppt
August 3 – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (2)   mp3 | ppt
August 10 – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (3)   mp3 | ppt
August 17 – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (4)   mp3
August 24 – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (5)   mp3
August 31 – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (6)   mp3
September 7 – Faith Undiminished and Unabridged (7)   mp3


Ephesians 6

invisibl war




June 22 – Ephesians 6:10 – The Invisible War    mp3 | ppt

June 29 – Ephesians 6:10 – The Invisible War (part 2)   mp3 | ppt


Ephesians 5:21-33





June 15 – Ephesians 5:21 – The Language of Real Love   mp3 | ppt


Ephesians 5:21





June 8 – Ephesians 5:21 – Who’s On First?   mp3 | ppt


Ephesians 2





June 1 – Ephesians 2 – Christ is the Key   mp3


Ephesians 5:1-20





May 25   –  Ephesians 5 – Crowded   mp3 | ppt

The Acts of the Apostles

Acts 6    We are reading through Acts together, one chapter per day.




April  27   –  Acts 6 – A Big Day   mp3 | ppt

May 4   –  Acts 13 – A New Day   mp3 | ppt

May 11   –  Acts 20 – Paul and Others   mp3 | ppt

May 18   –  Acts 27 – Hardships    mp3 | ppt


The Story of the Great King

4-30Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. Kings come and then fade away into the past. There is, however, one King who is still dynamically altering the trajectory of nations, impacting the lives of countless individuals, and governing the course human history. From now through Easter we will be reading together through the book of Mathew where we are introduced to Jesus, the great King.

March 30  – Amazed      no mp3/recording error (sorry!) | ppt

April 06  – The Compassionate King   mp3 | ppt

April 13  – Questions from the Crowd   mp3 | ppt

April 20  – Resurrection Reality  mp3 | ppt


The Wisdom Challenge 

Wisdom ChallengeLife is a challenge at times. We all wish we could receive guidance and wisdom to help us in our daily living. In the Bible, God offers us practical guidance which is helpful in our everyday lives. We invite you to accept the challenge to know God and experience Him more fully in your daily life through the wisdom He gives in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

February 9 – Ask It    mp3 | ppt

February 16 – The Greatest Good   mp3 | ppt

March 9 – Watch Your Mouth   mp3 | ppt

March 23 – The Conclusion   mp3 | ppt


What’s New?

 Whats New It’s a new year…again. People are making new year’s resolutions…again. Many will set out to lose weight, quit smoking, improve their lives…again. It is curious, this desire for newness that sparks the human soul. Still, at times we all feel the leaden drumbeat of which the Bible speaks, that there is nothing new under the sun. So, in truth, what’s new?

January 12 – His Compassion Never Fails    mp3 | ppt

January 19 – Better Than Life    mp3

January 28 – Cheer Up!   mp3

February 2 – Cheer Up!  (Part 2)    mp3


Happily Ever After?

Happily Ever After 3The idea of marriage is filled with many myths, such as “True love comes naturally” or “I didn’t marry the right person” or, my favorite, “If only he/she would recognize their need to change.” These myths create a mountain of expectations that will never be met and often leave husbands and wives disappointed, disillusioned and unsatisfied. In this series we will debunk these myths and offer a biblical view of marriage.

November 24 – Living with Ogres in a Fairytale World mp3 | ppt

December 1 – Romancing The Beast mp3 | ppt

December 8  – Romancing The Beast (part 2) mp3 | ppt


Discovery: Refocus Your Life

discoveryNew discoveries are exciting. As a child we experience them in wonder and delight. As we grow older they can come fewer and farther between. The same is true in our spiritual lives and in the life of our church. There is really only one thing that can keep real discovery and excitement alive in us, saving us from a life of boredom and disappointment.…

October 27 – The Discovery of a Lifetime mp3 | ppt

November 3 – Why We Do What We do The Way We Do It mp3 |ppt

November 10 – Going Through The Motions mp3 | ppt

November 17 – Failure To Launch mp3 | ppt


Jesus and Your Money Struggles

moneySince the Great Recession, many are still trying to make sense of their present financial situations. This series is for the disheartened listener who is having trouble with feeling financially out of control or trying to make adjustments for their long-term picture. We will hear God’s direction for a simple, clear path with Him toward a more stable existence for those willing to accept it.

October 13 – Spending Crisis mp3 | ppt

October 20 – Entitled mp3 | ppt


Danny Daniels

Danny A special message by guest speaker Danny Daniels.




October 6 – Danny Daniels mp3


Is God Still Interested In The Ordinary?

roger Is God interested in me as an individual? Does who I am and what I do in my life matter in the grand scheme of things? I feel like a nobody in the light of humanity and God’s plan for humankind. I don’t do anything important for God-why exist? Is God still working in my life for the furtherance of His Kingdom?


September 29 – Is God Still Interested In The Ordinary mp3


The Extraordinary Ordinary Christian

thumbnailHave you ever wished you were more? More disciplined, more patient, more assertive, more compassionate–it could be a very long list. How about more ordinary? Who wants more of that? How can you even have more of that?Truth is, yes, everybody is ordinary and ordinary is pretty much what it is. But not to God. He made ordinary. And He didn’t make it a baseline upon which we are to improve, but as a completeness to be discovered. And that’s extraordinary!

September 22 – Extraordinary mp3 | ppt


A Fresh Wind in Our Sales

FreshWind_thumbOne of the really strange things about religious people is that they tend to think you should believe like they do. C.S. Lewis once wrote that the world’s major religions have eight major themes, eight ethical standards in common. So in light of those eight commandments, what makes Christianity so different? Right here is where Christianity becomes less of a religion and something much more personal and powerful…

September 8/15 – A Fresh Wind in Our Sails mp3 | ppt



StopLet’s face it. Most of us are exhausted. We have too much to do and too little time to do it. The idea of practicing Sabbath-keeping, that is, “to cease, to stop working” for a 24-hour period each week, just doesn’t seem practical. There are simply too many activities to engage in, too many opportunities to take advantage of, or too much work to be done.

September 1 – STOP mp3 | ppt



SpeechlessGripped by a growing anger, our nation is ominously sowing seeds of rage against any person, group, church, or institution committed to follow Christ’s teaching. Like countless other cultures before ours, many today hear Christ’s truth as an accusation, and Christ’s love on the cross as their condemnation. We need to reclaim our right to courageously assert that some things are wrong. We dare not allow ourselves to be rendered speechless.

July 07 – We The People (re: Freedom of Speech) mp3

July 14 – We The People, part II(re: Speech & Other Freedoms) mp3

July 21 – Giving Away The Farm (re: The Socialist Threat) mp3

July 28 – Giving Away The Farm, part II mp3

Aug. 04 – Clash of Civilizations (re: Islam, Jihad and Jesus) no mp3/recording error (sorry!) | ppt

Aug. 11 – Clash of Civilizations, part II mp3 | ppt

Aug. 18 – National Treasure (re: Money) mp3 | ppt

Aug. 25 – National Treasure, part II mp3 | ppt


Going Public

Going Public BaptismThere tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding baptism. And while the topic often evokes strong emotions, it is not a subject in which people have much to draw from, other than their own experience. For this reason we are taking the time to explore what the Bible has to say about baptism and how this informs our understanding of this universal Christian practice. If you are a follower of Christ and baptism is still on your “to-do” list, this message may be the nudge you need to finally go public.

July 1 – Going Public mp3

The Best Question Ever

z. Best_Question-ThumbCan a simple question foolproof your life? When it comes to sorting out the complexities of life, only wisdom can reveal the best path. Let’s face it—we’ve all made some pretty dumb decisions in our lives. For most of us, there are chapters in the past we would like to rewrite. You are about to be introduced to a single question that will revolutionize the way you make decisions. (Note: Series based on pastor Andy Stanley’s book, “The Best Question Ever”.)

May 19 – The Best Question mp3 | ppt

May 26 – Musical Chairs mp3 | ppt

June 9 – A Little Help From Your Friends mp3 | ppt

June 16 – The Best Decision Ever mp3 | ppt

Red Letter Day

Red-Letter-web-1It was a Red Letter Day. Bloody, beaten, and nailed to a cross, a dying Jesus looked at those around Him and spoke His final words as a man. What did he say? How is the whole story relevant for us today? In this series we celebrate His ultimate victory on that Red Letter Day as we look at the final words of Jesus as He was dying in our stead. It is truly amazing how these sayings have made such a dramatic impact on our lives and even on the world. We invite you to join us as we learn what help His final words can offer in some revolutionary ways.

April 7 – The Good, the Bad and the Forgiven (Part 1) mp3 | ppt

April 14 – The Good, the Bad and the Forgiven (Part 2) mp3 | ppt

April 21 – Probing the Boundaries of Forgiveness mp3 | ppt

April 28 – Sorry Is As Sorry Does mp3 | ppt

May 5 – When God Seems Far Away mp3 | ppt

May 12 – Unfinished Business mp3 | ppt

Living With the Light On

Light-OnIllumination… enlightenment… darkness… God encourages His people to live as those who “walk in the light,” as opposed to “walking in darkness.” Do you ever feel like “the light’s on but nobody’s home?” Join us for this helpful study from the book of Ephesians, chapters 4 and 5 as we learn about living with the light on!

The Switch mp3 | ppt (by Ron Smith)

The Light mp3 (by Roger Thyng)

A New Leaf mp3 | ppt (by Ron Smith)

Opportunities mp3 (by Roger Thyng)

ONE: How To Get Along With Just About Anyone

(The beauty of living at peace with others)


Unity is to be a shining hallmark of God’s people, displaying the love of God to the world. But overcoming differences in opinions and personalities comes at deathly cost to our human pride and ego. The payoff is a growing commitment to Jesus, a growing commitment to one another, mutual concern, concerted action, and harmony. The great question, then, is, “How can I get along better with others in a very real and healthy way?”

Minefields mp3 | notes | ppt

Discovery mp3 | ppt

How To Enjoy the People in Your Life mp3 | ppt

One mp3 (by Roger Thyng)

One For All mp3 (by Roger Thyng)

Truth or Consequences

Truth or ConsequencesPriorities. As we look ahead to 2013 we will all make many choices based on our priorities, some small and of little consequence, others quite important and of great consequence. Interestingly, Jesus, often challenges us to make surprising choices which may seem counter-intuitive. In this message we’ll look at one such story about Jesus’ view of our priorities and choices.

mp3 | notes | ppt

Uncomplicated: Enjoying the Holiday Season

Uncomplicating ChristmasChristmas certainly can have its share of stress. Life doesn’t always go as expected; chances are your Christmas plans won’t either. Still, the message of Christmas is simple and uncomplicated. God came to us in a simple and uncomplicated manner. This Holiday season let’s rediscover the hope and joy of Christmas in its simplicity.

December 02: Uncomplicating Christmas

December 09: A Random Christmas

December 16: God With Us

December 23: Finding Christ in Christmas

December 30: Uncomplicating Church by Ron Smith

SHAPE: Be Uniquely You

S.H.A.P.E.-graphic-2We express love and service to God by loving and serving others. In the joy of selfless service we discover the unique purpose he created us for. We may still need the tools to help us understand how we’re shaped. Join us on a fun journey of exploring our individual spiritual gifts, our heart, our abilities, our colorful personalities (!), and how our life experiences can help others.

October 21 – “Shaped for a Purpose” .mp3 | notes | ppt

October 28 – “How God Has Wired You and Why” .mp3 | notes | ppt

November 4 – “How God Has Wired You and Why” (part 2) .mp3 | notes | ppt

November 11 – “What Only You Can Do” .mp3 | notes | ppt (Note: poor recording quality on mp3)

Election 2012: America Has Issues

God-and-PoliticsMany feel that Christianity and politics should not be mixed. However, the Bible is replete with stories of spiritual leaders calling political leaders to account for leading contrary to God’s will. Join us to see what the Bible really teaches about God and politics.

.October 14 – “One Nation Under God: God and Politics” .mp3

The Purpose of Prayer

What is the secret of the extraordinary power of God that seemed to flow through the great men and women in the Bible? Prayer. The American church has perhaps allowed itself to be lulled into thinking that prayer and action are at opposite ends of the scale of Christian activity. On the contrary. Those who want their actions to be effective focus time and effort in prayer…

Oct. 7 – “The Purpose of Prayer” .mp3 | notes | ppt

Grace Changes Everything

Grace Changes EverythingGrace. What I crave most when my guilt is exposed. The very thing I’m hesitant to extend when I’m confronted with the guilt of others—especially when their guilt has robbed me of something I consider valuable. This is the struggle, the struggle for grace. It’s this struggle that makes grace more story than doctrine, that reminds us that grace is bigger than compassion or forgiveness. When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing. But when correctly applied, it seems to solve just about everything.

Sept. 2 – “Escape From the Turtle Cage” mp3 | notes | ppt

Sept. 9 – “My Part in God’s Masterpiece” mp3 | notes | ppt

Sept. 16 – “Walls” mp3 | notes | ppt

Sept. 23 – “The Mystery” mp3 | notes | ppt

Sept. 30 – “The Mystery” (part2) .mp3 | notes | ppt

God’s Grand Design

Intro-to-EphesiansDespite all our learning, achievements and social advancement there seems yet to be an emptiness in the heart and soul of our nation. This was made evident when Rick Warren’s bestseller, “Purpose Driven Life” made a massive impact on society. Strangely, people are still searching. Perhaps because it’s not only God’s purpose in our own life that draws us, but our relation to this incomprehensible God in His towering, mysterious and masterful purpose for all things throughout the ages. Join us as we venture into uncovering God’s stunning master plan in the amazing book of Ephesians.

July 22 – “From Galaxies to Governments: Introduction” mp3 | notes | ppt

July 29 – “From Galaxies to Governments: The Plan” (part 1) mp3 | notes | ppt

Aug 05 – “From Galaxies to Governments: The Plan” (part 2) mp3 | notes | ppt

Aug 12 – “From Galaxies to Governments: God’s Most Wanted” mp3 | notes | ppt

Aug 19 – “From Galaxies to Governments: The Center of the Universe” mp3


Follow-Jesus-picThere is a popular old song we used to sing called, “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” What does it mean to follow someone? Do you echo their footsteps? Imitate their every move? Does it mean you are right behind them at every cost? In this two-part series, find out what it truly means to follow Jesus.


July 8: “The Driver’s Seat” .mp3 | notes | ppt . Note: Very poor quality mp3 this week; our apologies.

July 15: “I Have Decided” .mp3 | notes | ppt

Feeling Free Again

What is freedom or liberty? Is it being free to do whatever you want? A fish only feels free when it’s in the water; take it out and it is miserable! The Bible teaches us that we are created for freedom, and that deep inner freedom can only truly be known in God’s forgiveness and acceptance in Jesus Christ. If you have been trapped in things that kill your joy, then God wants you feeling free again.

July 1: “Feeling Free Again” .mp3 | notes | ppt

The Simple Message of Jesus

Simple...FollowLife can be complicated demanding wise choices, sometimes immediately on the spur of the moment. In many such decisions we can’t really know how the outcomes will effect our lives later on. Fortunately, Jesus gives us a single simple challenge that can make a profound and positive difference in our life choices.

June 24: “The Simple Message of Jesus” .mp3 | notes | ppt

Keys to Understanding the Bible

The Bible – It’s the journey of a lifetime. But does it ever feel like you left home without a map? With all the twists and turns and challenges of life, it’s easy to feel like we’ve lost our way. During this teaching series we will explore how to use and understand God’s own perfect atlas – the Bible. He promises to light our path to a full life and beyond.

May 13: “Finding Christ in the Scriptures” mp3 | notes | ppt

May 20: “Seeing What God Wants Me To See” mp3 | notes | ppt

Jun 03: “Asking Good Questions” mp3 | notes | ppt

Jun 10: “Practical Application 1” mp3 | notes | ppt | Handout-1 | Handout-2

Jun 17: “The Examples of Godly Men” mp3 | notes | ppt |

Memorial Day 2012: Remember

The phrases, “In God We Trust” and “One Nation under God” are taking on more and more significance as so many seem to have forgotten the central values and beliefs upon which our nation was founded. Fortunately, God knows how individuals and nations tend to behave and He gave us some very specific reminders to help us.

mp3 | notes | ppt

Surprised By Hope

Hope is a vision of the future that gives us courage. It’s not wishful thinking; it’s a confidence that God has something for us with which nothing can compete. Jesus offers just such a steadfast hope, not only for the future, but hope for our present and even for our past. Join us this Easter and discover more about God’s hope that can shape our world!

April 8: “Hope for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” mp3 | notes | ppt

April 15: “The Magnificent Mystery: Hope for Your Heart” .mp3 | notes | ppt

April 22: “A Stunning Hope for the World (Part 1)” .mp3 | notes | ppt

April 29: “A Stunning Hope for the World (Part 2)” .mp3 | notes | ppt

May 6: “Anchored in Hope” (by Roger Thyng) mp3

Jesus the King

Today he’s a king; tomorrow he’s a scapegoat. When life gets tough, you need to know who you are and where your power comes from. Jesus knew those things—and he also knew what lay ahead. Praises would turn to jeers, beatings, death… and triumphant resurrection. Many who were praising Him as their savior, would yet reject Him as their king.

April 1, 2012: mp3 | notes | ppt


How do we learn to trust God? Faith is more than positive thinking. Positive thinking will not produce faith. Faith is an active trust in God, and the only way to develop faith is to learn to know God. Since He is trustworthy, as we learn to know Him, we spontaneously learn to trust Him.

(by special guest speaker Jane Willis) Mar.25: mp3 | notes | ppt

This Little Piggy Had None

Fatten Your FinancesSome of the little piggies in the rhyme went to the market and had roast beef, but today most people relate better to the piggy that had none! Unemployment and rising debt have left many feeling pinched. This series on managing money God’s way offers practical tips and biblical guidance. Learn to reduce your debt, increase your savings and have a brighter future.

Feb.12: “This Little Piggy Went To Market: The Dangers of Debt” mp3 | notes
Feb.19: “This Little Piggy Stayed Home: Jobs and Joblessness” mp3 | notes
Feb.26: “This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef: Learning To Handle Money Well” mp3 | notes

Mar.04: “This Little Piggy Had None: Strapped” mp3 | notes

Mar.11: “This Little Piggy Went, ‘Whee!’: Money & Happiness God’s Way” mp3 | notes

Mar.18: “The Greased Pig: Money & the Church”

Workshop 1: How to Fix Your Bad Credit part 1 | part 2

Workshop 2: Putting Your Best Foot Forward (Help Finding a Job) mp3

Workshop 3: What You Really Need to Know About Working For Yourself mp3


Thrive 2012Thrive means to grow, develop, flourish—to be fortunate and successful. It’s the kind of life we all want—one that impacts the world and turns us into the best version of ourselves. There’s a way to experience that kind of life. Jesus said that He came to bring us life—life to the fullest! Discover the Bible’s plan for your growth and success. This is our theme for 2012: Don’t just survive…thrive!.

Jan.01: “Unburdened: Moving Forward” mp3 | notes | ppt

Jan. 15: “The Path” mp3 | notes | ppt

Jan. 22: “Warning Signs” mp3 | notes | ppt

Jan. 29: “Seasons” mp3 | notes | ppt

Unreasonably Happy :)

Unreasonably-Happy“When I get a better job, car, relationship…then I’ll be happy.” Sound familiar? Sometimes we spend so much time looking ahead that we completely miss life’s simple treasures that unfold everyday. In this series we’’re asking the question, “What makes us truly happy?”


Nov.27: “One Out of Ten” mp3 | notes | ppt

Dec. 04: “Positive Under Pressure” mp3 | notes | ppt

Dec. 11: “Positive Under Pressure 2” sorry, no mp3 available | ppt

Dec. 18: “The Season For Reason” mp3 | notes | ppt

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Do you ever struggle with wondering what God’s plan is for you? What is His will, and how are we supposed to discover it? How are we supposed to be “led by the Spirit” as the Bible says? You may be surprised (and relieved) at just how clear and simple it’s all really supposed to be.


November 6: “Straight Paths” mp3 | notes | ppt

November 13: “How To Listen To God” mp3 | ppt

November 20: “How God Speaks” mp3 (guest speaker, Roger Thyng)

Nuts & Bolts

Oct.23, 2011: A single message about why we do what we do at Lake Hills. To understand why we do what we do, you must first understand why we exist.

mp3 | notes | ppt



BrandedIn America we are conditioned to “branding.” Every company, every entity, and even churches work at creating a brand to make them readily identifiable. But what happens when we “brand” others by labeling them? People are more than the label we assign them. Join us for this critical series on how to break free of branding, and live in the unity to which God invites us.

July 31: “Out of the Pigeon Hole” (recording malfunction; no mp3)

August 7: “What Brand Are You Wearing?” by Roger Thyng, guest speaker mp3

A Love That Changes Everything

love-changes-everythingThere are many people who think of themselves as “Christian.” Some believe that because they attend a church or had Christian parents they are somehow Christian by default. But Christianity as described in the Bible is a life-changing encounter with the living Christ, Jesus, followed by a life radically transformed. The human heart is dramatically renovated and infused with the love and power of God…and it changes everythingmp3 | notes | ppt

Blessed Is The Nation: America’s Foundation

Blessed-Nation-AmericaPsalm 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” Contrast that with Psalm 11:3 – “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” What is the truth about the faith and theology of America now compared with that of our founding fathers? Take a compelling look at the “cause and effect” relationship between America’s Christianity and her current cultural meltdown. But what can we do? Is there hope for our nation?

July 3: “America’s Foundation” (part 1)..mp3 | notes | ppt

July 10: “America’s Foundation” (part 2)..mp3 | notes | ppt

July 17: “Revolutionary: Changing Our World”..mp3 | notes | ppt

Jonah: A Story of God’s Mercy

Jonah - A Story of God's MercyDid you ever run away from home? Maybe you got to the end of the block before turning around and going back. It all seems silly in retrospect, but at the time you had plans. But your plans always fell apart, didn’t they? You were so focused on what you were running from, not what you were running to, that you found yourself faced with the question, “Now what?” In this series, we’ll walk through the story of one of the world’s most famous runners.

June 5: “Wake-up Call”..mp3 | notes | ppt

June 12: “Distress Call” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

June 19: “Second Chance” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

June 26: “Holier Than Thou” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

The God Questions

The God QuestionsReligion is out. Spirituality is in. But the tough questions remain. If you could ask God any question, what would it be? “Why does a good God allow suffering?” How about, “What really happens when I die?” Or, “Do all roads (and all religions) lead to you?” “Is the Bible true and can I trust what it says?” These are all great questions, and we’re exploring the answers. Come join us – no question is too tough!

…..Apr. 24: “Is God Real?” (Easter Sunday) ..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..May 01: “How Can I Know If the Bible is True?” ..mp3 not available | notes | ppt

…..May 08: “Do All Roads Really Lead to Heaven?”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..May 15: “If God is Good, Why Does He Allow Suffering and Evil?”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..May 22: “If God is Good part 2 + What Happens To Me When I Die?”..mp3 | notes | ppt

Life 360

Life 360 LogoThe 360 degree concept implies all side, all segments, the full orb or circumference. Life 360 is about life management. It is learning and applying Biblical principles of oversight and management to every dimension of your life. This is what the Bible calls stewardship. Stewardship encompasses all of life—all that we have and all that we are. This is a plan to make the most of that sacred trust…a 360 degreeplan.

Starting February 13

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…..Feb. 13: “God’s Keys to Financial Stability in Unstable Times 1″..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Feb. 20: “God’s Keys to Financial Stability in Unstable Times 2” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Feb. 27: “Living the Good Life 1” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Mar. 13: “Living the Good Life 2” ..mp3 | notes | ppt (updated links 3/22/11)

…..Mar. 20: “Carpe Diem: Make Every Day Count” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Mar. 27: “Finding Balance in My Commitments and Relationships” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Apr.03: “Freedom! Managing My Stress and Concerns” (Guest Speaker, Roger Thyng. Our apology – …………….This message is only partially recorded due to malfunction) ..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Apr.10: “Pursuing My Potential:Managing My Opportunities and Abilities” ..mp3 | notes | ppt

Special Podcast

Vision 2011

This recording from March 6 is not a teaching message or sermon, but rather a talk about our vision for the next 6 months at Lake Hills. I firmly believe that people need to hear vision in concrete, practical ways in order to rally to what’s being presented. This podcast is about the next steps we’re taking as a church in order to lead more people to know Christ and to follow Him fully. I hope you enjoy it. ~ Mike Knapp..mp3 | notes | ppt


Game Day

Game Day logoThis week and next present the dizzying culmination of the entire football season. The SuperBowl and the ProBowl are the venues where we see the very best of the best slug it out on the gridiron. This year I’ve decided to share my enthusiasm the next two Sunday morning messages in a two part mini-series entitled, “Game Day” because, after all, life is a contact sport!

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…..Feb. 06: “God’s Game Plan” mp3 | notes | ppt

Fresh Start 2011

freshstart_thumbWe learn on TV how to make over homes, wardrobes, bodies and even faces. Seems we all want a “New Me” at some level. A tuck here, a pinch there, a little less, a little more. Something within us insists “I can do better,” “I can do more,” “I can be different.” But trying harder doesn’t usually bring the result we hope is possible. Can God really help us find a Fresh Start?

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…..Jan. 02: “A New You for the New Year”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Jan. 09: “The Power of Real Repentance”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Jan. 16: “A Breath of Fresh Air”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Jan. 23: “Avoiding Identity Theft”..mp3 | notes | ppt

Christmas In The Real World

Christmas-Real-WorldThere is something magical that captures us during the Christmas season. But this year, in the midst of an unstable economy and high unemployment, creating a magical Christmas will be a challenge for many people. But here is good news; You can have more with less, and Christmas can still change your world. Join us as we learn how to celebrate Christmas in the real world.

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…..Dec. 05: “Surviving the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Dec. 12: “When Christmas Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Dec. 19: “What’s So Special About Christmas?”..mp3 | notes | ppt

…..Dec. 26: “That’s What Christmas Means To Me”..(sorry-no mp3) | notes | ppt

Radical Gratitude

Happy-Thanksgiving-picAn old friend of mine used to say, “Thanksgiving isn’t one day a year when you eat turkey; it’s the rescue of your entire personality from being a turkey!” The Bible teaches that the pathway to happiness is thankfulness and contentment. In fact we are taught to be thankful in everything! Radical gratitude…it can transform your attitude and your entire life.

November 28, Thanksgiving Sunday: ..mp3 | notes | ppt | article

How To Understand The Bible

understand-the-BibleThe Bible is the world’s best-selling book. Year after year millions of copies are sold or given away. Although most ancient books have disappeared from memory, the Bible continues to be printed more than any other book and is available in more than 2,000 languages. It has helped form the basis for Western society and has shaped much of its religious, economic and social outlook. Yet in spite of the Bible’s popularity, it has also rightly been described as the world’s most misunderstood book. Although millions of people are Bible readers, many find it hard to understand. Some even give up trying, thinking it is too confusing. This message is about one very important key to help you understand the Bible.


November 21: mp3 | notes | ppt | article

Psalm 1: Which Way Are You Going?


Psalm-1-which-wayYour life is already on a definite path, no matter whether it feels like it or not. There may be some things up in the air, but you have already made choices and chosen a direction to go in your spiritual life. Even if you have chosen not to decide what to do about God, and have put it out of your mind, that is, in itself, a choice that has already set you on a specific path. Which way are you going? This week’s message is a call to happiness which begins by refusing to allow the anti-God world around you to dictate your worldview, your ethical life, and your moral decisions.

November 14: mp3 | notes | ppt | article

Titus: Serious Christianity, from Chaos to Christ

Titus-Bible-Book-StudyThe letter by Paul to Titus is a short New Testament book that is packed full of useful information on how to set things straight in our churches, and how to move personally from a life of chaos to a life in Christ…from brokenness to blessing. Join us as we view serious Christianity–knowing and doing what is right through the grace of Jesus–verse by verse through the book of Titus.

Oct. 03 -“Setting Things Straight” mp3 | ppt | article

Oct. 10 -“True or False” mp3 | notes | ppt

Oct. 17 – “Growing in Grace: The Secret of Self-Control” mp3 | notes | ppt

Oct. 31 – “Growing in Grace II” mp3 | notes | ppt

Nov.07 – “Are You Ready?” mp3 | notes | ppt

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Oct.24 – Guest Speaker Free Methodist Supt. Chuck Frankenfeld .(no recording available)

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Part of Something Great

serving-God-ministryEveryone wants to feel significant…to have a sense that our life really counts for something. We all secretly want to be something more than we are… Listen in as we talk about how God carefully and deliberately shapes you a little more every day to be part of something great, and has been for your whole life.

Sept. 19 – “Balancing Act” ..mp3 | notes | ppt



Sept.5 – About Lake Hills .(This was the prelude to an open discussion forum in the church service about where we are and where we go from here for the next few months. Part of the session was recorded, but the quality isn’t great. The recording ends somewhat abruptly, but most of the teaching portion was recorded.)


How To Profit From Your Problems

problems-trouble-helpProblems. We all have them. They make our life more, well, interesting. Don’t you wish you could just take a vacation from your problems? While that may work for a little while, sooner or later you will have to face them. Fortunately, God gives us some very practical help on dealing with life’s troubles.

August 22 – “Problems and Doubt” ..mp3 | notes | ppt


pray-prayerThis is a simple message on learning to pray more effectively, as taught by Jesus. There are a lot of “Christian” myths and erroneous teaching surrounding prayer that seem to make it more of a challenge than perhaps God intends for it to be.

..Aug.1 – “P.R.A.Y.” mp3 | notes | ppt

God and Country

God and CountryWhat happens when a nation forgets God? What happens when God is pushed out of government? Why are we losing more and more freedom? How does secularism advance? What is its outcome? Join us throughout July as we address this issue and discover hope in our messages titled, “God and Country”.

July 4 – “In Search of a Consciencemp3 | notes | ppt

July 11 – “Law and Tyrannymp3 | notes | ppt

July 18 – “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger” mp3 (part 1)..mp3 (part 2) | notes | ppt

July 25 – “Islam in America” mp3 | notes | ppt

the FatherGod

Father GodIt seems that large, powerful families are often associated with father figures. It’s no different in the Bible. The head of the most powerful family in the world is also know as “the FatherGod”. He only wants what’s best for you and He’s gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.


June 20 – “The FatherGod (part 1)mp3 | notes | ppt

June 27 – “The FatherGod (conclusion)mp3 | notes | ppt


supernatural happeningsWhat you see is not all there is. Have you ever experienced something that seemed unexplainable? The Bible teaches that there is a very real and unseen spiritual dimension. It dynamically affects your everyday life. Join us as we study the Supernatural.


May 09 – “Insight” mp3 | notes | ppt

May 16 – “Power-1: Baptized With the Spirit” mp3 | notes | ppt

May 23 – “Power-2: Filled With the Spirit” mp3 | notes | ppt

June 6 – “Stand” mp3 | notes | ppt

June 13 – “Why Believe in the Power of God” mp3 | notes | ppt

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Lest We Forget (Memorial Day 2010)

Memorial-Day-2010Why are so many seeking to remove our nation from the values upon which we were founded? And why are so many seemingly forgetting the attacks made on us by Islamic terrorists? This Memorial Day Sunday we remember those who have fought for us, those who are defending us, and reasons why we are at war.

mp3 | notes | ppt



Obsessed Message Icon“The Parable of the Hidden Treasure” is one of the popular stories Jesus used to describe the Kingdom of God. It is a story about treasure and obsession. Listen in on our message from Sunday, May 2, as we seek to unearth the hidden truth which so many miss in one of Jesus’ most misunderstood narratives.

mp3 | notes | ppt | roll-in video

So You’re Dead; Now What?


The afterlife is cloaked in mystery. What happens moments after we die? What is Heaven really like? What about Hell? And does what we do in this world really matter in the next? Join us for a series to uncover the life-altering answers to these questions in “So You’re Dead…Now What?”

April 4 – “Death” (recording error-no mp3) | notes | ppt

April 11 – “Hell” mp3 | notes | ppt

April 18 – “Heaven” mp3 | notes | ppt

April 25 – “Questions & Answers” mp3 | notes | ppt

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July 11 – “Law and Tyrannymp3 | notes | pptWisdom Challenge


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